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Shit gets lonely when you’re not in high school anymore


teenagers // my chemical romance

but if you’re troubled and hurt
what you got under your shirt
will make them pay for the things that they did

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Johnny put up BEEF PATTY last night. Max couldnt have skated to a better song. Cyrus’ last line is the most insane shit ever. Tucci must have held a door open for an old lady prior to that bus skitch attempt to get so lucky. Kevin came through hard as shit, and was out with Johnny trying to film shit the day of the premiere. This video was awesome, all these dudes need to get hooked up proper.


girl: deeper!!!!


(via n-o-v-e-m-b-e-r-18th)


I saw your face shine like the sun, 

it glows, thought I’d let this go. 

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A day 8:31:14

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